Brief remarks

KLB chimney systems for new construction or renovation are divided into single construction modules for the purchaser or processor.

As a rule, these construction groups consist of:

KLB base element

The base elements are overwhelmingly deliverable in the versions: single-duct with different cross sections or single-duct with different cross sections and additional shaft.

Included in the base elements for the new construction area are: A unit consisting of KLB mantle block, corresponding chamotte-interior pipe and depending on type the insulation.


KLB base package

The basic package contains the parts corresponding to the chimney type which ensure a safe connection of a heating system and the function of the flue gas duct.

This includes as listed here with the example of the insulated chimney:

Assembly or placement instructions, condensation shell, chamotte pipe with cleaning opening, facing shell, cleaning door, air intake grate, mortar template, saw blade, joint kit and cowl version.


KLB set flue pipe connection

This set includes:

The chamotte pipe with flue pipe connection and the two-part front panel made of mineral wool, which surrounds the moulded flue pipe connection lintels and closes off the chimney to the outside.

KLB cover panel made of light-weight concrete

The cover panel closes the chimney off in a rainproof manner from above. The cowl version or the expansion joint flashing is doweled onto the cover panel.

Depending on the cladding of the chimney cowl there are cover panels for plaster, slate or surround. The sizes of the cover panels are coordinated with the respective cladding such that they extend appropriately and still include a rain edge.

Rework set, on top

The rework set, on top, can optionally be purchased. It is meant as an additional cleaning opening in the attic when the chimney sweep cannot or should not clean from the roof.

The set includes: Chamotte pipe with cleaning opening, facing shell and cleaning door.


As additional, alternative accessories the following can be delivered:

  • Base slab as foundation replacement.
  • Cantilever slabs for receiving the faced blocks in case of a surround.
  • Rigid chimney top piece for very high chimney tops over the roof.
  • Chimney bracket for holding the upper chimney part between the roof rafters without the otherwise required concreting.
  • Prefabricated base as a finished part, which helps prevent the difficult start of building, and can be set down at the predetermined location in the shortest amount of time using a construction site crane.
  • Soot protection door