KLB Flat Blocks

KLB flat block masonry combines rationalisation, economic efficiency, the highest thermal insulation and very good building physics values into one unit.

The KLB flat block program encompasses the proper block and the required supplementary products for each required type of masonry. KLB’s increasingly precise manufacturing methods at were able to reduce the dimensional tolerances from 4 mm in height to <1.0 mm. This way the blocks with a plane-parallelism of less than 1 mm can be supplied. Therefore KLB flat blocks that are processed with thin-bed mortar in a thickness of 1 to 3 mm can accept higher wall compressive strength.

All blocks can be mortared in a 25 cm grid (12.5 cm) with 1 mm horizontal joints each and for full blocks additionally with 1 mm vertical joints with KLB thin-bed mortar. For the outside walls, different KLB flat blocks with coefficients of thermal conductivity λR ≥ 0.07 W/mK are available for monolithic masonry as well as KLB flat hollow blocks for additionally dampened masonry. Interior walls are built as load-bearing or non-load-bearing. The different wall types are supplemented by small format KLB flat full blocks. Even butt stones or bay stones are included in the KLB flat block program. KLB flat blocks are processed using KLB thin-bed mortar. Mortaring with this mortar has decisive advantages:

  • fast and economical processing,
  • low need for mortar,
  • high admissible compressive strength,
  • no thermal or sound bridges.

The first layer must be bricked up in KLB thin-bed mortar vertically and horizontally. Then the KLB flat blocks are laid together narrowly in rows on top of the thin-bed mortar. The thin-bed mortar layer is brought up evenly with the KLB mortar sledge. For all KLB blocks with tongue and groove in the butt joint area this area is not mortared. For masonry with high carrying capacity and sound dampening, KLBQUADRO block elements and the associated offset blocks are available. For KLB flat block masonry, a large variety of supplementary products, which can also be found online, are available.