Build environmentally friendly and health consciously with KLB

Environmentally compatible construction with light-weight concrete

Ecological construction means building in an environmentally conscious or environmentally compatible manner in order to live environmentally friendly. Environmentally compatible construction means aligning building products and building processes such that our natural living space is preserved and the health of the person is not impacted. Environmental compatibility and health compatibility of construction are currently at the forefront. All building materials, both natural and raw materials for industrially produced building materials, are taken from natural resources. Before removal it must be determined, which function the material to be mined has in the ecosystem and whether the purpose of its use justifies the removal.

Natural radioactivity and radon


In addition to the natural radiation exposure which all living beings on our planet are exposed to, the natural radiation exposure was changed in numerous ways by technological or civilisational interventions by mankind in nature. Examination results show that building materials themselves only contribute to a limited degree to the radiation exposure of the residents. The still-practiced evaluation of the radiation impact of building materials with regard to their concentration of natural radioactive materials has been shown by examination results to be no longer justifiable. However, the inhalation of the short-lived radioactive by-products of radon is regarded as essential.