KLB formwork blocks for structural engineering


The KLB formwork block for structural engineering represents an alternative solution, if normal masonry reaches its limits as a consequence of the static stress. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that is the fact that KLB formwork blocks, for example, are approved for use as basement masonry by the building authority – up to a maximum room height of  3.60 m! KLB formwork blocks made of normal and light-weight concrete are used for basement and support walls in the exterior area. The KLB formwork block with facing shell can be filled with an insulation fill and is thereby particularly good for the creation of thermal insulation exterior walls.

9 points that speak for KLB formwork blocks:

  • KLB formwork blocks allow all requirements for heat and climate protection
  • as well as all requirements of EnEV 2016 and the “new” KfW-support standards
  • (since 01.04.2016) for the KfW 55, KfW 40 as well as KfW 40+ house be realised.
  • The KLB formwork block with facing shell has a wall thickness of 42.5 cm and an excellent thermal conductivity of λ = 0.09 W/(m•K) together with the mineral insulation to be subsequently filled in.
  • KLB formwork blocks thus have top values in thermal insulation combined with high economic efficiency and are excellently suited for the realisation of single family homes, duplexes, town houses and multi-family houses.
  • Very good building physics characteristics.
  • High static capacity in the wall strengths 24.0 cm as well as 42.5 cm for realising multi-storey apartment buildings.
  • Solid formats for easy processing and unique component characteristics.
  • Simple handling: KLB formwork blocks can be laid like “Lego masonry” dry without mortar joint.
  • Analogous to conventional masonry this leads to lower costs for the construction site equipment. Transport and assembly of the formwork blocks are clearly easier then of double wall elements or supplementary parts made of steel concrete.
  • “Do-it-yourself-area”: Due to simple processing ideally suited for do-it-yourself homeworkers. Realisation of smaller and larger building projects as well as increase of your own performance via the experienced developer according to the responsible construction company or house provider (GU - general contractor).

Detailed information can be found in our brochures “KLB formwork blocks and KLB formwork blocks processing guideline”.  


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