Tiles on KLB masonry

Simple tiling without preparation

The rough and porous surface of KLB masonry is an excellent mortar base. For this reason tiles can be placed without pretreatment and without rough cast in the thin-bed, medium-bed or thick-bed procedure.

For laying tile in the medium-bed and thick-bed procedure special mortars were developed, which can be applied in thicknesses between 3 and 15 mm. Whether a special pretreatment of the KLB masonry is required, depends on the type of tile mortar and the information by the mortar manufacturer.

The work technology for laying tile in the thin-bed procedure is becoming increasingly significant. The thickness of the mortar bed is up to 3 mm. Here, mortars according to DIN 18157 are used. A required base pretreatment also orients itself according the type of mortars used and specifications of the manufacturer.

All buildings with a short construction period must generally be classified for providing tiles as critical bases. Here, flexibly adjusted thin-bed and medium-bed mortars (dispersion adhesives) should be used.