Processing of KLB offset blocks

Ideal for creating a level underlay

With the KLB offset blocks the so-called offset layer is built. The offset blocks are laid on a cover panel in a thick-bed groove of normal or lightweight mortar according to the static and building physics requirements to equalise any existing unevenness. After appropriate horizontal orientation they form a level layer, on which after hardening of the mortar the subsequent flat elements or flat blocks can be placed using thin-bed mortar.

KLB offset blocks are butted narrowly during mortaring, and the remaining mortar pocket is filled flush with the mortar used. KLB offset blocks or offset block cuts can also be used as the upper height equalisation layer. The offset layer is generally created according to the KLBOUADRO flat elements in the same compressive strength and gross density class, if no heat bridging effect is expected.

If a wall made of KLBOUADRO flat elements is sitting on a non-thermally insulated ground panel, the offset layer must be produced with thermally-insulating KLB offset blocks. The measurement value of the thermal conductivity λR is 0.27 or 0.21 W/mK respectively depending on whether normal or light-weight mortar is used.