Masonry and load limit

Measurement of KLB masonry according to DIN EN 1996

The set of standards DIN EN 1996 “Measurement and Construction of Masonry Structures”, generally called “Eurocode 6”, is available in parts 1-1, 1-2, 2 and 3. In the standards series distinctions are made between the more detailed detection methods (DIN EN 1996-1-1), the regulations concerning building construction (DIN EN 1996-2) and the simplified calculation methods (DIN EN 1996-3). The set of standards is only nationally applicable with the national appendix available for each part of the standards, in which country-specific peculiarities are regulated.

EN 1996 also regulates construction methods which have no significance in Germany (e.g. reinforced masonry) or for which there is no experience here (e.g. prestressed masonry). In a consolidated German version DIN EN 1996/NA all contents of the standard and the national appendix are combined in one document, which includes regulations exclusively relevant for Germany.

With this brochure we would like to inform you about the essential facts of the rules and regulations for dimensioning. A focus lies on the simplified calculation methods for unreinforced masonry structures. DIN EN 1996-3/NA succeeded in countering the trend towards ever more complex normative regulations, so masonry constructions can be designed simply, safely and economically while complying with defined application limits.

For more complex documentation situations a more precise proof procedure is available in DIN 1996-1-1/NA. This makes it possible to consider higher loads than permissible according to DIN EN 1996-3/NA in the case of increased planning effort.

It is essential to know that with the new generation of standards, simplified calculation methods and a more precise verification method can be applied simultaneously in one structure. This means that a large number of checks can be carried out in a building in simplified form according to DIN EN 1996-3/NA and that only selected components (e.g. wind panes) must be calculated and dimensioned with DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA.

Detailed information is available in our brochure “Eurocode 6 Compendium 1”. 2018 Edition - Technical Information Statics / Measurement”.

The available brochure integrally takes into consideration all regulations of the standard series with the associated national application documents including the supplementary regulations issued by the building authority in the last few years.


■  This brochure applies for unreinforced single-block masonry made of climate light-weight blocks.

■  For element masonry with reduced overbond dimensions of lo l /hu < 0.4 additional regulations that are not discussed here apply.

■  Approvals by the building authority can include further restrictions.


This brochure is based on the following set of regulations:
  • DIN EN 1996-1-1: 2013-02
  • DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA: 2012-05
  • DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA/A1: 2014-03
  • DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA/A2: 2015-01
  • DIN EN 1996-2: 2010-12
  • DIN EN 1996-2/NA: 2012-01
  • DIN EN 1996-3: 2010-12
  • DIN EN 1996-3/NA: 2012-01
  • DIN EN 1996-3/NA/A1: 2014-03
  • DIN EN 1996-3/NA/A2: 2015-01