Trendsetting products in the masonry field



With the KLB plan blocks and KLB aerated lightweight blocks, in particular with the new KLB plan blocks with integrated insulation, the thermal insulation blocks SW1 and thermal insulated blocks W3 the requirements for the current Energy Savings Ordinance EnEV are fulfilled. They guarantee comfortable living in dry, healthy premises. KLB offers economical and energy-saving construction and contributes to environmental relief via lower energy consumption.

Masonry Systems

The masonry systems department presents you with the product palette of KLB Klimaleichtblock GmbH. You can find out more from them about technical data, manufacturing and basic information on the building material.


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KLB Masonry in practice

Masonry has to fulfil a multitude of functions. We’ll show you how you can work with KLB masonry and what properties our products have with regard to construction, sustainability and building physics.

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Masonry in Use

KLB masonry has been used for 40 years. Here we’re presenting a small selection of objects in which our masonry was used. In addition, we provide you with an overview of our supply plants here.

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