KLB Lintels, load-bearing rod-reinforced

For all masonry thicknesses and different layer heights / approval Z-15.4-283


KLB lintels, load-bearing rod-reinforced, are reinforced with two rod steels and are offered for all masonry thicknesses, in layer heights of 11.5 cm, 17.5 cm and 24.0 cm. The support depth is respectively at least 25 cm.


For combinations of two lintels the wider lintel is to be built-in for exterior walls on the interior wall side, for interior walls on the side with the greater ceiling length. The connection joints for the masonry must be force-locked with mortar.

The respective lintel underside is labelled with a green plastic sticker as such and must be noted during installation.


KLB lintels, load-bearing rod-reinforced are generally approved by the building authority, Approval Z-15.4-283. The values for centric or off-centre loads as uniformly distributed loads or triangular loads are listed in the approval tables.

Falling variations (load-bearing rod-reinforced) at different wall thicknesses