KLB lintels, load-bearing bracket-reinforced

Insulated and non-insulated


KLB lintels, load-bearing bracket-reinforced are offered for all masonry thicknesses in layer heights of 17.5 cm and 24.0 cm. The support depth is respectively at least 25 cm.


From a 24 cm wall thickness, two or three lintels can be built-in next to each other instead of one lintel in accordance with the following sketches. For combinations of two lintels the wider lintel is to be built-in for exterior walls on the interior wall side, for interior walls on the side with the greater ceiling length. The joints subsequently resulting in the masonry must be force-closed with mortar.


The respective lintel underside is labelled with a yellow plastic sticker as such and must be noted during installation.


To improve the thermal protection, insulated lintels must be used with lintels in the exterior wall area or additional insulation must be installed. Insulated KLB lintels, load-bearing bracket-reinforced are supplied as 17.5 cm and 24.0 cm wide components in 24.0 cm layer thickness.


For wall openings with KLB stop blocks the largest opening width is considered to be the length measurement. Since all lintels must be documented statically, the KLB lintel range is based on actual extensive type statics.

Sturzvariationen (stabbewehrt) bei verschiedenen Wanddicken