Overview of KLB chimney systems

The development of our chimney products

At the start of the 1990s KLB decided to include a chimney in the generally known “KLB modular construction system”, which until then contained the comprehensive masonry range with the multitude of supplementary products, because the chimney is part of the shell construction.

KLB did not want a simple chimney though, to be sold as a niche product according to the standard, but a chimney system approved by DIBt. Thus, appropriate components had to be manufactured and tested. The reward for the work was the approval by the building system for three-shelled, rear ventilated KLB insulated chimneys with the approval number Z-7.1-361 from May 15, 1992. At the same time this was the market launch for KLB chimneys.

Since that time KLB chimneys have been produced and sold nationwide. According to the requirements of the market additional chimney systems were included in the KLB program. KLB offers chimney systems for the highest quality and efficiency demands. This includes essentially:


  • KLB insulated chimney with rear ventilation
  • KLB exhaust system Multi-W3G
  • KLB exhaust line
  • KLB standard chimney
  • KLB combination chimney
  • KLB renovation systems


KLB chimneys are supplied as double or three shall systems, except for the KLB renovation systems, where the outer shell is always formed from a light-weight concrete mantle block.

The “heart piece” of each KLB chimney is the flue or exhaust pipe. For the KLB insulated chimney it is a (ceramic) chamotte pipe with tongue and groove. While the exhaust pipe for the KLB-LAS system is manufactured exclusively from chamotte sleeve pipes, for the KLB exhaust line chamotte sleeve pipes can be used as well as plastic sleeve pipes. For the storey-high exhaust line only stainless steel pipes were used.

For the KLB renovation systems the existing chimney continues to be used and is only brought to the required new condition by inserting a new flue gas line. Materials for this flue gas lines are KLB chamotte sleeve pipes, plastic sleeve pipes or stainless steel pipes.