Protection of the masonry

This is done so that the blocks are used without damage

KLB products are typically delivered in packages or on palettes, wrapped in shrink wrap, to the construction site. They are, depending on the desired delivery, unloaded using a construction site crane or a vehicle crane and possibly immediately placed on the cover. The shrink wrap of KLB block packages must not be removed until the blocks are used. Protective measures for the blocks, at the construction site from rain or snow, are ancillary services according to VOB, even if they are not separately listed in the service index.

The protective measures include:

  • covering the already opened block packages in case of a work interruption
  • Covering open wall ends and window parapets
  • Plugging open recesses, ceiling penetrations and slots
  • Draining rain water using suitable aids (substitute roof gutter)
  • Covering the masonry to protect it from splashing water from the ground or scaffold
  • Covering the masonry (exposed brickwork and faced brickwork) using boards or foils to prevent soiling and/or mechanical damage
  • Preserving the masonry using boards to prevent mechanical damage, e.g. for narrow driveways

Foils must be attached securely enough that they cannot loosen during storms.