KLB Klimaleichtblock GmbH has been setting standards in masonry construction with a great deal of dynamism for 40 years.

KLB developments for lowering costs in shell construction while maintaining the highest quality in masonry are considered trendsetting in the construction industry.

Only a good shell construction system with individual coordinated elements such as the KLB modular construction system can offer a reasonable solution for all requirements.

It offers everything needed for future-oriented, modern shell construction, renovation or expansion, from basement to roof and from a single family dwelling up to an industrial building.


KLB offers the full assortment for shell construction.

KLB Masonry

Masonry has to fulfil a multitude of functions. In addition to load transfer there are building physics requirements such as thermal insulation, moisture protection, sound insulation and fire protection.

Every building block and component must meet the corresponding requirements at their deployment site.

KLB offers the full assortment for shell construction. Thanks to the consistent use of KLB products houses with homogeneous masonry that maintain their value are created.

Sales occur exclusively via building material specialty merchants.

KLB Insulated Chimney

At the beginning of the 90’s KLB decided to expand their generally known “KLB modular building system” with a chimney system. The extensive masonry programme with many supplementary products was thus completed. KLB customers thereby get a complete coordinated shell construction system of the highest quality and economic efficiency.
In the meantime the chimney palette has expanded by several systems for new construction and renovation with many additional products. All chimney systems are marketed throughout Germany – as part of the KLB modular building system with masonry or as an individual system.





Sustainability is important to us. Our video explains the sustainability of our products. You’ll see the volcanic origin of the pumice raw material with its thermally favourable properties as well as high compressive strength. Our KLB building products are produced without great energy expense and the raw material comes directly from the region.

You can also learn more about our three pillars in the video: Lightweight concrete products, chimney systems and KLB gala products, which constitute our company’s sales.


The region around Neuwied (Germany) comprises one of the largest mining area for pumice in Europe. High-quality pumic can be mined due to the eruption of the ‘Laacher See’ volcano some 12,000 years ago. Pumice is used in the manufacturing of our KLB-bricks. Learn more in our video about the production of KLB-bricks, from mining pumice through to the collection of the bricks at our production centres.