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Experience and competence in chimney and masonry construction

KLB Klimaleichtblock GmbH has been very dynamically setting benchmarks in masonry construction for 40 years. KLB developments for lowering costs in shell construction while maintaining the highest quality in masonry are considered trendsetting in the construction industry. The goal was and is:


  • The manufacture and distribution of building materials of the highest quality for rational and cost reducing construction.
  • The availability of a balanced, practical product palette for a complete shell construction without mixed construction.
  • The guarantee of quality assured product quality as a contribution to quality assurance in the building industry.
  • The continued development of the product characteristics and expansion of the product program in the sense of adaptation to requirements, work simplification and quality improvement.


The KLB construction kit for brickwork and chimney, which in many respects sets an example and is recognised by experts as trend-setting, emerged from the objectives set at that time and is the reason for today's success.

What was considered a risk in 1976, at the time of the introduction by KLB, leaving out the mortar in the butt joint, has in 1990 with DIN 1053 Part 1 become state of technology. This processing advantage allowed the work time to be reduced from about 4 hours per m3 of sectioned masonry to 2.3 hours, with a simultaneous mortar savings of about 30 %.

The patented KLB butt joint formation has been copied often, was the force behind new developments in the masonry area, and is now state of technology. With the introduction of the KLB dry masonry in 1988 and shortly thereafter the KLB flat block masonry another step was achieved towards rationalising and lowering costs in shell construction without loss of quality. The energy and cost developments of the past years has shown that KLB has always taken the right path with these revolutionary ideas. Together with the specialised partners, this innovative product development will consistently be pursued in the future as well.